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now booking 2016-17 wedding season 

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Located in West End Mill Works, The Roller Mill is Winston-Salem's newest multi- functional event space and meeting place. 

The Roller Mill opened in May 2016 and is located in West End Mill Works  . Owners Jonjo and Jennifer Evans are pleased  to offer this one of a kind Event Venue for most occasions and meetings.  

Built in 1935 and restored in 2016, The Roller Mill reflects the hip sensibilities of the surrounding area while also paying tribute to The Hoots Brother's storied past. The multi-room event center and meeting space offers packages to accommodate weddings, special events, and corporate meetings,  



(336) 473-5777



1151 Canal Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27101


By appoinment only

As the heart and soul of the West End Mill Works Community, The Roller Mill's highly anticipated restoration and renovation solidifies this growing collaboration; joining a diverse neighborhood of artisans and entrepreneurs.  A one of a kind gathering space in downtown Winston=Salem, we hope to create many life memories for locals and their families-- weddings, celebrations, art shows, music and more...  

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